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Our goal is simple: we want to keep you safe online. Scroll down to read our full mission statement and get to know KYN a little better.


Our Mission

In a split second, someone can have access to all of your personal information: where you live, what you do for a living, what interests you have, what restaurants you frequent, etc. Creepy, right? What if I said that you willingly supply access to this information every single day? This oversharing of private data can leave us vulnerable to cyber-attacks and potentially threaten our "real-world" safety. As we advance into the twenty-first century, we are experiencing a technological revolution that has opened the door to many challenges associated with cyberbullying, over-sharing, sexting, over-use, and other issues that affect children and adults alike. The Internet can be a dangerous neighborhood, but Know Your Net is here to be your virtual safety net.


This website is an educational tool that provides the resources necessary for you and your loved ones to practice online safety and digital citizenship. Each tab is purposefully designed and segmented for specific groups of people: kids, teenagers, adults, and parents of young children.


The Internet has certainly facilitated the growth and development of the modern world, but it can easily threaten the privacy and livelihood of its users. It is imperative that people of all ages are well-equipped and prepared to handle the dangers and challenges associated with technology usage. It is time to truly know your net.

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